Whats your name?
Diego Duarte
Where do you shop?
Are you Gay/Bi?
No, I’m straight, but NOT homophobic.
Str8 Against H8.
How tall are you?
Like 5’8.
Where do you live?
Houston, Texas…. sadly, I’m moving to California.<3
Do you play sports?
Yes, Boxing/M.M.A
Whats your nationality?
What are you into?
Photography, graphic design, fashion & art
Are you a photographer?
What kind of camera do you use?
Cannon Rebel t3i
What type of girls am I into?
I don’t think I really have a type, but I like:
Nice smile
pretty eyes
Has a good sense of style
Could dress to the fullest
One who doesn’t have an attitude for everything
I could talk to her about anything
Cute laugh
Small feet
Down to cuddle whenever~